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We are a small agile and diverse group of people. Who like to spend our time representing the things that we imagine, so that they can be built the way we envision.
As part of our process we draw and we make models, we specify and we quantify, we sample and we value engineer, we collaborate and we question, we build. We build teams with other design professionals. We build teams with artisans and contractors. We build objects, we build spaces.


We work on projects as small as bathroom renovations. We work on projects as large as resorts, real estate developments, buildings and offices.
We design by challenging, by asking the right questions. We are guided by a sensitivity to culture and the climate of a place. We like to build things that are friendly, friendly to the people who use it, friendly to the culture within which it is built, friendly towards the materials and processes of their construction. We build today for a better tomorrow.


We do it because we believe that the quality of our environment affects the quality of our lives. We do it because we believe that space defines our relationships with people and objects.
We do it because we believe materials and the methods of their construction re connect us with the phenomena of experience. We do it because we believe in both the generative and destructive power of our environment. We do it because we believe in culture as the context for our projects and as a catalyst for our imaginations. We do it because there is nothing else that gives us more joy!


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